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Women’s Casual Kimono|6,000yen (

・Made form polyester

It is acceptable;
・to change your plan when you come to the store.
・from October to May.

※All the kimono include bags,shoes,and more other things except for hair accessories.

How to rent a WALIN kimono

Places to Take Photos with Kimono!












These kimono photos above are examples. We have more various kimonos in the store.

・Hair style | 1,500 yen ( ※makeup is not included.

≪ Returning kimono ≫
・Returning on the same day you rent by 17:30
・Returning on the next day you rent by 13:00 (no extra charge)
・Returning at the hotel (extra charge/1 person:2,000 yen)
 ※This plan is available for the hotels located in Kyoto City only.
 ※It is only acceptable for the hotel where you stay on that night.

●Estimated time you will be finished
・With hair style: About 1 hour and a half
・Without hair style: about 1 hour

●We can keep your luggage except for your valuables while you are out.

●For more information,please read our FAQS.