Women’s Summer Formal Kimono (Ro / Hitoe)|20,000yen (inc.tax)

・From July to August (Ro houmongi)
・June and September (Hitoe houmongi)
・Made of silk
・Suitable for formal party
・It is acceptable to change your plan when you come to the store.
※All the kimono accessories are included in each plan.

Where to go with this plan’s kimono?
Wedding, reception, party, chairperson, business meeting, anniversary, opening and closing ceremony, greetings etc…



No. n-1

No. n-2

No. n-3


No. n-4

No. n-5

No. n-6


No. n-7

No. n-10

No. n-22


No. n-23

No. n-24

No. n-25


No. n-26

No. n-27


No. n-8

No. n-9

No. n-11


No. n-12

No. n-13

No. n-14


No. n-15

No. n-16

No. n-17


No. n-18

No. n-19

No. n-20



No. ht-5

No. ht-6

No. ht-7


No. ht-8

No. ht-9

No. ht-10


No. ht-11

No. ht-12

No. ht-13


No. ht-14

No. n-21


No. ht-1

No. ht-2

No. ht-3


No. ht-4


To check all the Ro / Hitoe houmongi kimonos, click below
Ro : http://walin.jp/plan/natsu.html
Hitoe : http://walin.jp/plan/natsu_hitoe.html (Written in Japanese only)

If you are interested in this plan’s kimono, please contact us from the reservation form or the contact form!

International call :
Domestic call :

・Hair set | 1,080 yen (inc.tax)
・Additional fees for early morning before 9:00 | 1,000 yen/ hour (inc.tax)
・Detention charge | 1,000 yen/day (inc.tax)
・Returning at the hotel you are staying | additional fees
1 person: 2,000 yen
2 people: 3,000 yen (1,500 yen / person)
3 people: 3,000 yen (1,000 yen / person)
4 people +: add 1,000 yen / person

●Estimated time you are ready to leave…
With hair set: About 1 hour and a half
Without hair set: about 1 hour

●We keep your luggage except for valuables while being out of the store.

●Please come back to the store by 17:30 if you return it on the day you rented.