Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read these terms and agree to them before using our kimono rental service.

▸ Security and proprietary rights

You are responsible for treating kimono with care and return it within a contract period.
・All rights are owned by Kyoto Kimono Rental Walin.
・You agree NOT to remake, transfer, sub-lease or pawn the kimono you rent.

▸ Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy is as follows:
・No show/Cancellation on the day you rent without notice : 100% of the total fee
・Cancellation on the day you rent with notice : 80% of the total fee
・Cancellation during the trading hours 1 day prior to the day you rent : 50% of the total fee
・Cancellation 2 days or more prior to the day you rent : No charge

▸ Repairing expenses

Our kimono rental plans are inclusive of laundry charge for minor stains such as foundation, spots, rainwater, mud splashes and spilled food stain.
However, we will charge you for excessive stain and unrecoverable damage.
Scents of perfume and cologne are repairable, but this may incur compensation fees depending on the kimono’s condition.

▸ Compensation fees

Here is a list of compensation fees for expensive products such as kimono made of silk.
(a) Loss or robbery of kimono (Up to 400,000 yen)

(b) Unrecoverable stain and damage (50,000 yen across the board)
e.g. Extensive wine or blood stain, unrecoverable rent and discoloration that affects the kimono’s design or patterns.

(c) Repairable dirt and damage (5,000 yen to 10,000 yen across the board)
e.g. Slight amount of stains, frays and perfume.