You're very elegant
in a rental kimono
by Walin

|We are open on the following Mondays|
Jul.15 / Sep.16 / Sep.23

|Fully Booked Date|
Jul. 19,20,23,27,28,
|Store closed|
WALIN Special Holiday : Jul. 17(open for kimono reuturn only) / Aug. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15,

Irregular dates (15th, 16th of July)
We cannot provide a Hotel delivery service because the roads will be closed to traffic for the festival.
We cannot provide our hair accessories even if you order hair-styling.
(We can put your hair accessories on if you bring them.)

Your life is full of

You will find yourself , in Kyoto,
strolling along a busy street, enjoying calm atmosphere at a historic temple or shrine,
chatting over a coffee or green tea, attending a tea ceremony,
shopping souvenirs or gifts for your friends and relatives back home,
trying cosmetic things at a department store, eating tasty grilled chicken,
spending happy hours with sake, eating a soba noodle, trying flower arrangement (ikebana),
taking souvenir pictures ,or ,,,,,,,.

Trading name :
Kyoto Kimono Rental WALIN

■Important Notification■

Store closed : Monday and Thursday.

WALIN’s kimono rental is…

1. Each plan includes all the kimono accessories you need!
2. Your rental plan is modifiable with no extra charge.
3. Payment via credit card is acceptable.

4. We store your luggage for no extra charge.
5. You have 3 choices to return the kimono:
 ・Return on the day of use by 17:30
 ・Next day you rented by 13:00
  (No extra charge)
 ・Returning at the hotel you are staying (additional fees)

Frequently Asked Questions


Casual Kimono

¥6,000- ( ~

・Made of cotton|cotton and linen
・Suitable for sightseeing and just exploring town

Casual Kimono(silk)

¥12,000- (

・Casual kimono made of silk

Formal Kimono

¥15,000- ( ~


Hair Set|¥1,080-(

Hair Set|¥1,080-(

Procedure for kimono rental

Procedure for kimono rental

1. Book for a kimono rental by phone or reservation form from our website...

Store Details

Store Details

By subway Karasuma Line : About 5 minutes’ walk from Gojo or Shijo Station. By bus Route 5 or 26 : About a minute walk from Karasuma matsubara stop. 〒600-8417 京都府京都市下京区松原通烏丸東入俊成町444

Business Calendar

Trading name :
Kyoto Kimono Rental WALIN

Business hours :
Tuesday to Wednesday : 9am-6pm
Monday and Thursday : closed
Friday to Sunday : 9am-6pm

E-mail :
Web :