Frequently Asked Questions


▸ Kimono rental plan

Q. What is included in each plan?

A. Each plan includes all the kimono accessories you need.
Kimono belt, Bag, Hair accessory, Sandals, Underwear etc.…
So you don’t need to prepare or pay extra money for additional kimono accessories.

Q. What size of kimonos do you stock?

A. Please consider that the range of kimono size is different depends on which plan you take.
Please check the information of available height in each plan below.

Women :
Casual kimono(polyester) / Yukata … up to 173cm
Shoe size … up to 25cm
Silk kimono… up to 174cm
*Silk kimono’s height differs from depending on each kimonos.
Please check a kimono’s available height.
We could not reserve the one which is over your height.
Hip size…up to 105cm

Men :
Casual kimono(polyester) … up to 185cm
Yukata … up to 190cm
Shoe size … up to 28cm
Silk kimono … up to 180cm
Waist … up to 110cm

Q. How long can I borrow a kimono for?

A. Kimonos are borrowed for one day. Please come back to the store by 17:30 if you return on the day you rent. If you want to enjoy with kimono till late, you can return it the next day you rent by 13:00.

Q. Can I reserve a specific kimono in advance?

A. Yes, if you select the Silk kimono plan, we can reserve one kimono per person.
The following plans cannot reserve in advance.
Yukata / 浴衣
Casual kimono(6,000yen) / ポリエステル小紋

Q. How long does it take to dress in kimono?

A. It depends on which plan you choose.
Men :
about 30 minutes
Women :
with hair set … 1 hour and a half
without hair set … about an hour

Q. Can I borrow a kimono if it will rain on the day I rent?

A. Our kimono rental plans are inclusive of laundry charge for minor stains including rainwater, so you don’t have to worry about the weather at all.

Q. I am pregnant/ I have health concerns, is it possible to rent a kimono?

A. Please kindly understand that as we are unable to assume responsibility for the risk of your health condition.
During putting kimono on, we would tie the belt on your stomach tightly.
Therefore, we cannot offer our kimono-dressing services to customer who is pregnant, injured, who has health issue.

Q. For winter time, is kimono warm enough?

A. We suggest you to bring the following items.
*If you have the warm underwear.
*Scarf / Shawl / Gloves
*Hand warmer but please do not put on your body.


▸ Reservation

Q. I haven’t got your email reply yet.

A. Our reservation process as follows;
1) You receive an automatic reply.(This is not the confirmation of your reservation)
2) Please wait for our confirmation email.
Our office hours 9:00-17:30 (We are closed on Monday and Thursday)
**If you have not received any emails from us, please use other email address to contact us.**

Q. What if I don’t have phone number/address in Japan?

A. Please enter your phone number and address in your country.
(not hotel address in Japan)

Q.Can I make reservations by phone?

A. We are sorry that we do not take reservations by phone.
Our phone line is in Japanese only.
Please contact us by email if you have any questions.

Q. Do you have delivery service?

A. We are sorry but we do not provide kimonos for delivery.

Q. Do you have space for my family/friends to wait for me?

A. They can wait at our store.
However, space is limited and the priority is for our customers who are wearing a kimono.


▸ Payment

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept payments by cash or credit card.


▸ Optional service

Q. Do you have make up service?

A. We do not provide a makeup service at our store.
Please finish it before coming to our store.
It is difficult to do a makeup after wearing a kimono.
Also, we have limited space.

Q. Can I come with makeup artist or hair stylist to do my hair, make up at WALIN?

A. We are sorry that our answer is “No”.
Since we have limited space and we need the mirror stand for the other customers.

Q. Do you have a photo taking service?

A. We don’t have any photo studio or photo taking service. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Q. How can I decide my hair style?

A. Our professional stylist will help you to make your hair style. Please tell them how you would like to do with your hair.

Q. Do you have any customer parking?

A. We are sorry to inform you that we do not have parking.
The parking in front of our building is not WALIN’s. Please do not park there.


▸ Your luggage and belongings

Q. Will you keep my luggage and clothes while I am out of the store?

A. We can keep your luggage and clothes until you return the kimono, but please take your valuables with you.


▸ Cancellation

Q. I want to cancel my reservation.

A. Since we arranged Kimono specialist just for you, we appreciated if you inform us by email as soon as possible.
And please have a look the following Cancellation policy.
Cancellation Policy


▸ Returning kimono

Q. How do I return a kimono?

A. We have 3 different kimono returning plans.
(1) Returning on the day you rented by 17:30
(2) Returning the day after you rented by 13:00 (no extra charge)
(3) Returning at the hotel you are staying (additional fees) *This plan is available for the hotels located in Kyoto City only.
1 person: 2,000 yen

Q. Walin is closed on Monday and Thursday, how can I return the kimono on that days?

A. You can return the kimono at reception (1F) 9:00 to 13:00.

Q. What if I damage or stain the kimono?

A. Our kimono rental plans are inclusive of laundry charge for minor stains such as foundation, spots and rainwater.
However, we will charge you for excessive stain and unrecoverable damage.
For example, Scents of perfume, food stain and more.
Please click here to find the details about compensation fees.


Do you have more questions?
Please use the contact form below. We are happy to help you!

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