Today, our customers visited us to wear kimonos which are made of silk fabric.

【 Bits of knowledge 】
This silk fabric is called “Omeshi”, which has a more luxurious texture although
it is considered as informal kimono mainly.
There are several reasons why this fabric is called”Omeshi(お召し)”.
One is that Ienari Tokugawa, who was the 11th shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate in the Edo era, was found of this silk kimono.


Firstly, they are going to choose a kimono and an obi belt.


We can help you choose which kimono and obi belt are suitable for you.
As for an obi belt, we have a variety of different colors.

Secondly, they are going to wear kimono.


Please stand straightly when beeing dressed in a kimono.
We have all private fitting rooms which is the highly recommended point.!!

Thirdly,they are going to choose a small bag and an accessory for kimono.
Finally,they are going to choose shoes before going out.

That’s all.
It’s not difficult,isn’t it?


Now,let’s go walk around Kyoto to show your cool appearance to everyone.
We are sure that you will look like a cool.



They are heading to“Kenninji temple” which has the popular picture drawn by a famous Japanese person on the ceiling.



As soon as they arrived, all of them are deeply impressed by it.
There are also plenty of things to look at including this picture.
For example, some more pictures,flowers and gardens etc..
You will be able to take awesome photos for your Instagram.



Here is their lunch today.


It’s quite near from “Kennninnji temple”,and it looks like a luxurious restaurant but it doesn’t cost too much.
There is a traditional atmosphere in front of this restaurant as this picture.
They looked satisfied.

We are so happy that they enjoyed dressing in our kimono and taking such beautiful photos.


If you have any questions,please don’t hesitate to ask us.
You are always welcome to join us!